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Utah Insurance Solutions Specializes in Developing Cost Effective Employee Benefit Plans.  We Have a Proven Track Record of Success Cutting Costs and Retaining Key Talent.

Next to an organizations payroll, insurance costs, in particular group health insurance is typically a company’s second largest expense. With the Affordable Care Act group insurance rates are continuing to climb. As an organization you MUST have a long-term strategy in-place to control escalating costs. You can’t wait until you get that 20% renewal increase letter on your desk before you take action. Now is the time to start exploring all your options: self-funded, defined contribution, Alliance plans, professional services plans (i.e. engineers, etc.). The key to controlling cost long-term is having a knowledge and experienced Broker. Many cost cutting solutions can easily integrate into your existing plan.

Utah Insurance Solutions specializes in implementing cost effective group insurance plans for businesses. Utah Insurance Solutions is uniquely positioned to help Utah’s entrepreneurs and business owners with their insurance and financial needs. We’ve helped many businesses implement Buy-Sell agreements, Key-Man insurance, and Executive Benefits plans.

 *Defined Contribution Health Insurance Plans (Avenue H or SHOP)
 *Self-Funded Health Plans  (Click Here to Learn More About Self-Funded Health Plans)
 *Group Health Insurance Utah
 *Group Life Insurance
 *Group Disability Insurance
 *Group Long Term Care Insurance
 *Executive Benefit Plans
 *Retirement Planning
 *Buy-Sell Agreements
 *Key-Man Life Policies
 *Healthcare Reform Education & Training

For Business Owner

Utah Insurance Solutions helps business owners attract, retain and retire great people through the creative use of employee and executive benefits. Utah Insurance Solutions knows first hand the struggles business owners face when getting started.  Let Utah Insurance Solutions help you manage your employee benefits and executive benefit plans.

For Your Business’s Key Employees
Utah Insurance Solutions knows that part of attracting and retaining the best talent involves offering a comprehensive employee benefits package. Employee benefit products are designed to retain key employees using innovative funding solutions. Contact Utah Insurance Solutions today to receive world-class, customized solutions for your business situation.

Because each group and organization has different goals, needs, and values it is impossible to give accurate group quotes over the Internet. In order to chose the right employee benefits plan that will meet your organizations needs we must sit down for an educational discussion and fact finding session.

To schedule a brief meeting with a Utah Insurance Solutions representative please call or email us today, and you’ll be AMAZED how quickly we get in touch with you!

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